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3 Ways You’re Leaving Money On The Table

We're coming to the end of the year- are you leaving money on the table? Don’t panic!

You may be thinking… if I KNEW I was leaving money on the table, I would fix it! Business owners don’t intentionally leave stones unturned, doors closed, or opportunities unfulfilled.

The hard truth is that every business owner is leaving money on the table… lucky for you I am going to let you in on the 3 most common ways I see clients lose out on money, clients, and growth.

1. You’re ghosting your clients

This one seems too obvious to even mention, but we all do it. If you aren’t following up with your leads, how are you going to find new clients and customers? Repeat it after me- it is not your potential client’s job to remember you. It’s YOUR job to stay top of mind. This means having a solid CRM, a system for reaching out to clients as well as following up with them, and it means putting content out that keeps you top of mind during the in between times.

2. You’re not answering the question being asked...

As a business owner and entrepreneur, there is no question that you have an abundance of ideas and ways you would love to help your clients and potential clients. However- the real secret to success is in giving your clients what they are asking for. If you are spending hours of your time putting together offers that solve problems your clients haven’t specifically said they struggle with then you are leaving money on the table. I want you to spend your limited time and energy creating offers that your clients actually WANT! This means it's important to listen to your clients and it's important to give them the solutions they are asking for.

How do you know what they want? You pay close attention to the questions they ask, the problems you solve most frequently, and the things that leave your clients saying “how do you do that so easily?”

If you can create more offers that resonate with the pain points of your clients, you will find yourself bringing in more revenue with less of a headache.

3. You’re saying goodbye before the last act!

Think about your best selling offer. The thing you do most often for your clients. This is your best offer because it solves a clear problem for your client. You have the solution to their most pressing problem.

When you have completed the work required by this client and you have finished solving this specific problem, what happens?

Do you have a way to continue the work you are doing with your clients? If not, then you are saying goodbye far too soon.

Iit can be up to 25x as expensive to acquire a new client than to maintain your current clients. So assuming you LOVE your current clients, try upselling them by creating an offer that solves another problem they are having, even if they have completed another offer!

If you are falling victim to one or more of these downfalls, then you are leaving easy money on the table. The good news is that with just a little forethought, you can make a major shift in your business and ultimately your bottom line.

Which of these do you know you need to get to work on? Leave it in a comment!

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