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Earlier in December 2020, TIENNE consulting was helping a client develop a unique and authentic brand in order to build their customer base and ultimately their top line revenue goals. This particular client is a local real estate agent. We identified an important aspect of her brand and identity is to be community and service focused. She wanted to increase her target audience through a community first approach. She needed to gain followers and meet more of the neighborhood members who would be buying or selling their home in the future.


We created a 6 month comprehensive marketing plan with tactics in each of the spaces she wanted to be represented- social media, digital, print, and community events. We were most excited for the end of the year event that we came up with!

The idea came about as we thought about a few goals for the initiative: community involvement, personal engagement, fundraising for charity, and public awareness. After a few brainstorming sessions we came up with our big idea “You’ve Been Elfed”.

The concept was to take yard elves and a custom sign to drop into unknowing yards overnight the weeks leading up to Christmas. 10 sets of “Elves” were placed in yards. The home owners were asked to donate to a local charity and then they could choose the next yard to be “Elfed”. This continued for over a week and the neighborhood loved it! Our client was receiving personal text messages daily and the Elves were making their debut on social media as families tagged our client when their yard had been “Elfed”!


Our client had it on her personal life's goals to do a diaper drive and was thrilled we could help her personal and professional goals come to life in such a fun-spirited and meaningful way.

  1. The community donated over 1500 diapers to the local charity.

  2. Increased followers and reach of community on social media by 10%

  3. Our client gained new business in her target market. Within a month she had a neighbor knock on her door and invite her to sell her home because this neighbor loved what she was doing for the neighborhood and her community.

  4. Our client is already halfway through her annual sales goal and we have only just passed the 4 month mark!

  5. Gained community engagement

Interested in learning how TIENNE Consulting can help you achieve your goals? Contact us for a free consultation and customized proposal!

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