Calling All the Fearless Women: Dare To Dream And Start Your Own Business

‘’Girls! We run this mother!” Beyonce is always spot on. These are the times when strong and independent women around the world are making a real difference across all walks of life. Women have once again been called from their posts to tend to the sick, the weak, and the young.

Recent studies from McKinsey article show that women’s jobs are 1.8 times more vulnerable to this crisis than men’s jobs. “Women make up 39 percent of global employment but account for 54 percent of overall job losses. One reason for this greater effect on women is that the virus is significantly increasing the burden of unpaid care, which is disproportionately carried by women.”

While this is the scary truth, we are here to encourage all the powerful and strong women out there to use this opportunity and build the dream you have been dreaming!

March is women’s history month and we want to honor those that paved the way before us by supporting and lifting up those that follow us. We will be providing resources and links all month long that will support you on your journey to start her own business and follow her passion to become a female founder.

How Can You Take Your First Step?

When it comes to entrepreneurs launching their own businesses and competing against others in the marketplace, finding the right resources and connecting with positive funding opportunities are essential. This is why; budding female founders can look into the services of The Small Business Association.

The Office of Women’s Business Ownership in SBA can help every woman entrepreneur through helpful programs which can shape their dream projects. These programs include business training, counseling, federal contracts, and access to credit and capital. Learn more from SBA HERE

As part of the SBA, there are local Women’s Business Centers in your area. Find a location near you These centers can guide you in leveling the playing field for all women entrepreneurs, who still face unique obstacles in the business world. With such practical support, starting your dream project is not impossible any more!


Tiffany Gupta, the Female Founder at TIENNE Consulting bravely launched the boutique consulting firm after 15 years as an industry expert in revenue and growth. As she continues to watch the disparities of women’s equality, she believes there are still “Miles to go before I sleep…”

In her best effort to support women and their pursuit, Tiffany and TIENNE Consulting is offering their services to all the Women Business Owners by giving them FREE 30 minute mentorship sessions to help women build their dream.

At TIENNE Consulting, we make our clients’ goals (big and small) our priority. When you are in need of additional, outside perspective, give TIENNE Consulting a call and we will help deliver and execute a comprehensive plan to help your company go from merely surviving to THRIVING.

We cannot wait to connect with you. Please comment below or reach out directly to learn more and seize the moment to flourish!

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