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Don’t fall for these common traps in your business- Sales Cycle Pitfalls

Don’t fall for these common traps in your business- Sales Cycle Pitfalls

Raise your hand if you have ever gotten a ton of business at once? WIN!!!

Congratulations, it worked!

And then what happened? If you are like a lot of professionals, after you land a handful of clients, you become so consumed with the business you just won and work hard to keep those clients and customers happy that you are unable, or lose focus on, your sales process.

I mean, it makes sense… money is coming in, right? You don’t even have the capacity to take on new clients, even if you WANTED to!

But once you are complete with that client work? You start to feel the consequences of not leaning into your sales even with a full client load.

You’re out of business and have no new leads...

How exactly do you get into this predicament?

Is there something wrong with the structure of your business? Is there something wrong with you as the owner?

Well, not really. There are just a few common mistakes that are, quite honestly, relatively simple to fix.

Here are 3 easy ways to fix this problem and ensure you have business coming in all year round!

  1. Split your time 80/20

This is easier said than done, but when it comes to your business it is critical to show up as the CEO/Owner and not just the world’s best employee. If you are spending 100% of your time working on your clients businesses and no time working on your own- you’re digging yourself into a hole that it won’t be fun to climb out of. I want you to take a hard look at your calendar and prioritize 20% of your week to marketing, selling, and maintaining relationships with your future clients.

  1. Set Firm Boundaries

It can be easy to use all of your time trying to over deliver for your clients, and I’m the BIGGEST fan of going above and beyond to provide an A+ experience… until it is at the expense of you or your business. I want you to take the time to set up whatever boundaries you know you’ve been missing in your business that take up more time than you want to spend.

  1. Continue forward with your current clients

Did you know that it is up to 25x more expensive to acquire a new client or customer than to keep the ones you have? Even if you have finished up a contract or project, if you can find a way to continue on work with your current clients, even at a smaller project or commitment level your future self will thank you. Think now about how you can help your clients after they work with you!

When it comes to sales, they truly never end… and while I know how discouraging that can feel it is really an opportunity. There are people out there who need what you have to offer & you are the best one suited to show them the solution to their problems!

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