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How to Find More Clients in 6 Easy Steps!

It’s the never-ending question… how do I find more leads?

Running your own business means finding your own clients, period. This can feel quite overwhelming… I mean- there are so many people in the world, how are you supposed to know where the right clients are who will be a good fit for your business?

Even if you are able to find your ideal clients… How do you turn them into paying customers?

The most important part to finding qualified clients is consistency. Consistency in your messaging, consistency in reaching out, and consistency in results.

I am laying out a simple 6 step process that you can repeat on a weekly basis if you’d like that is going to help you find qualified clients that you actually enjoy working with.

Here’s an overview of the process- but don’t worry. We’ll break it down into bite sized pieces!

1. Make a list of 100 companies or people you want to work with

2. Find a contact name at each company

3. Research that company, contact them, and follow them on social media (linkedin, IG, etc)

4. Write an intro email- I like to use something I saw in the news about them or something that is helpful for them.

5. Follow up, follow up, follow up: email, call, subscribe to newsletter, linkedin message, repeat. Each communication should showcase how you can be helpful and useful to them and solve their problems. You want to be an asset not a time suck for them.

6. track each point of contact made in your database and be consistent!

1. Make Your Dream List

This step is where you get to dream as big as you want. There are no wrong answers. Think of companies, small businesses, or people you know who would be great CLIENTS of yours. The only important thing to note here is that you want to make sure these are people who would be actual clients of yours- not just business opportunities. We are focusing on client acquisition afterall!

2. Find a contact at each company.

Or find a way to get in touch with the individual people on your list. This could be a phone number, email address, neighbor, etc.! This is how you get in the door (whether physically or online), start building relationships, and land those dream clients.

3. Research the company or business, contact them, and follow/engage with them on social media!

This is a critical step in the process. This may be where you say “that’s far too much work” but in reality, having a genuine interest in a company, letting them know who you are, and then popping up on their social media time and time again is an authentic and organic way to become top of mind.

4. Introduce yourself!

This might feel scary, but sending an intro email is a great way to start the conversation of future work together. I like sending an email that references a recent news feature you saw or mentioning something else that might be helpful to them. Don’t make the email only about yourself, but create space for them!

5. Follow up, follow up, follow up!!!

This is my ABSOLUTE BIGGEST TIP. If you aren’t following up, you are losing out on your dream clients. It’s better to get a firm “no” from a dream client than to stop following up and never know if you could have worked together. Each communication should showcase how you can be helpful and useful to them and solve their problems. Remember- you want to be an asset and not a time suck for them.

6. Keep track!

This is where your systems and processes come into play. It’s important to know who you’re talking to, who has turned into a warm lead, and who has flat out said “no thank you”. This prevents you from losing clients who are interested, wasting time with people who are uninterested, and becoming overwhelmed by trying to keep all of this information in your head.

I know that client acquisition can seem tiring and never-ending, but it really can turn into an enjoyable process. I encourage you to make this part of your weekly routine in your business and remember- it can take up to 8 touch points before someone wants to set up a first meeting. So keep trying, keep trying, keep trying!

Have questions about this process or something to add in? Leave us a comment!

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