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How To Identify Your Ideal Customer

If you are in the hospitality industry it is critical to deeply understand your ideal customers.

Have you ever heard the term “ideal customer avatar”? It’s the person that you not only love providing services to, but who loves receiving your services and who comes back time and time and time again!

Understanding who this ideal customer is to your business will help in a number of ways…

  1. Your marketing will become crystal clear and your ideal customer will feel drawn to spend their money with you time and time again

  2. You will develop a deep loyalty with your customers encouraging them to refer you to their friends and family

  3. You will spend less time overall on customer acquisition, because you will be laser focused on who it is you are ultimately talking to, meaning you will waste less time talking to people who are uninterested in your services.

Here is how you can figure out who your ideal customer is in 3 simple steps.

Step One: Who do you enjoy serving?

  • It’s not always about who walks through your doors. An important part of your ideal clients include the people you absolutely most enjoy working with. This doesn’t mean you won’t serve a wide range of people- but when it comes to your marketing it’s important to know who you love showing up and seeing walk through your doors each day. Do you enjoy serving families? Honeymooning couples? Large groups or small groups? Young people or retirees? Think through the people you love seeing every single day and who you know love your services most!

Step Two: Who do you notice comes back?

  • Do you have that one customer that you know by name? Why do they continue coming back? Is it the location? The pricing? The customer service? Start noticing who it is that you see most often and try to put your finger on why they come so frequently. This will help you see who it is you serve most and who else may have similar taste to them!

Step Three: What are the characteristics of someone who enjoys your services?

  • Similar to the two steps above- it’s important to identify what sets your ideal customer apart from the rest of the population. The truth is that we can’t realistically serve every single person in the world- so we need to identify who we are talking to. Here are some characteristics you may want to identify about your ideal customer…

  • General Age

  • Do they have kids?

  • What is their comfortable price range?

  • How often do they come?

  • Large groups or small groups?

The truth is, there are so many details that go into figuring out exactly who you enjoy serving the most & it’s something that will change over time. The trick is to get started now with what you do know & I promise you will be able to tell how much easier it is to market your services when you know who you are marketing to!

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