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Updated: Feb 25, 2021

It’s no secret that the global pandemic has greatly affected many industries and companies both positively and negatively. While some companies are thriving and seeing record sales (ie. online sales and delivery services), others are surviving (ie. government and tech) and still others are forced to reevaluate their operation all together to regroup, rebound and hope for ultimate financial growth (ie. hospitality and tourism).

No matter what stage your company is experiencing, all companies could potentially benefit from a fresh-eyes perspective a consultant outside of your organization can provide. Depending on your company’s goals and your in-house capabilities, a consultant can become a resourceful and customizable tool for you while also providing the additional benefits outlined below.

  1. Cost: Consulting services rates are typically much lower than only one executive’s salary. As companies look to rebuild and reorganize, consider filling some of the gaps with talented consultants as the cost to hire, train and retain top talent and the astounding figures internal employees add to overhead may not be a financially sound investment at this time.

  1. Talent Access: The pandemic has shown us that no longer are companies limited to the talent that live within close proximity to their offices. With remote work on the rise, companies can collaborate with consultants anywhere in the world. Having experience with multiple clients and companies, a consultant brings a breadth of knowledge as well as an understanding of strategies/tactics that have worked (and have failed) to achieve positive results.

  1. Outside Perspective: A consultant can be leveraged to identify problems, provide solutions and ultimately be a catalyst for change within an organization. A good consultant provides an objective viewpoint while offering solutions without disrupting the internal organization.

  1. Flexibility: Whether looking for a long term commitment or a project that can take 3-6 months, consultants offer term flexibility. In addition, a consultant’s expertise in the field allows for the onsite management team to focus their time on achieving their own goals and not micromanaging the process. After all, time is money and time spent micromanaging a project can result in lost revenue.

  1. Education: Utilize a consultant’s expertise to educate team members in specific fields/categories while creating standard operating procedures for future use. Consultants are an exceptional resource to have on retainer. Some services offer the ability to train your team and provide additional guidance or expertise in an area of your business you may not find worthy of a Full Time Employee.

BONUS: Have limited resources amidst the pandemic? Consultants are the perfect solution to get the help you need!

At TIENNE Consulting, we are dedicated to understanding your business and defining strategies that ultimately help it grow and prosper. We are equal parts your big picture thinker and tactical deployment while also being an extension of your team. Specifically, we help companies in the areas of marketing, operations, sales enablement and revenue optimization to identify strategies needed to impact financial success. Our seasoned professionals have years of experience in various industries including hospitality, real estate and sales. Having worked both in-house and as consultants for large hospitality companies, up and coming tech start-ups and boutique firms, we know how to push the boundaries to achieve positive results. Let us help your company transition from surviving to THRIVING.

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