Tienne Consulting provides companies with creative sales, marketing, operations and revenue strategies that deliver results. Our strategic leaders take a deep dive and holistic approach in analyzing a company with a focus on identifying and providing solutions to the gaps that are impacting the company’s bottom line. Whether for short or long term project needs, our fresh eyes perspective allows us to subjectively offer recommendations for success while providing the tools and leadership needed to achieve and exceed goals.

Business Operations & Strategy


paving the way to growth

Analyzing existing operational tools while providing consultation on what’s working and areas of opportunity to maximize results. Enable your team for growth/success by ensuring your company operates efficiently with the resources available. We provide a fresh eyes perspective to determine areas of opportunity that yield higher returns. Hyperfocus on growth potential for the future providing guidance and strategy beyond today’s measures. Don’t let the efficiency gaps within your corporation hinder your potential for growth.

areas of focus:

  • Overall Business Strategy

  • Team Organization & Business Objections Development

  • Operational Efficiencies 

  • Technology Stack Evaluation

  • System & Reporting Audit

  • Profit & Loss 


Revenue Strategy & Growth


Maximize your revenue potential

Offering a holistic approach to growth strategies that not only optimizes pricing but leverages distribution partnerships that lift market share and increase overall revenue.  We will help you develop and deploy strategies to boost your top line revenue. 

areas of focus:

  • Pricing Strategy & Market Placement

  • Channel Management & Distribution 

  • Market Segmentation Deployment

  • Competitive Analysis


Marketing & Branding


Position your brand for success

What is your unique selling point and how is this conveyed through your marketing channels? How are you positioned for success in comparison to your competitors? Have you diversified your marketing spend across multiple channels or rely solely on one? We are here to answer these questions and analyze the results while providing authentic, data-driven, revenue-focused marketing support.

Areas of focus:

  • Mission Statement & Branding

  • Digital Advertising & Management

  • Content Strategy & Development

  • Manage Agencies in Website, Branding, Public Relations, Social Media, etc. to ensure alignment of efforts and KPIs are met



pexels-fauxels-3183197 (1).jpg

Streamlined approach for an effective sales team 

Seeing lackluster sales results? Ensure your sales team has the tools and information needed to position your product effectively while ensuring key performance indicators are obtainable and rewarded.

areas of focus:

  • New customer acquisition strategy

  • Sales team deployment & compensation planning

  • Market Segmentation Review

  • Coaching, Mentoring, Training

  • Operational & System Implementation