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Seize the moment to flourish


For the first time ever, TIENNE Consulting will be offering a special promotion for Small Businesses.  We know the daily struggles of starting a new business and gaining the momentum you need to really make it grow and on a limited budget.  WE CARE ABOUT YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS AND ARE HERE TO HELP!

This limited time offer, is specifically designed with the needs of small businesses in mind with the goal to help you reach your business goals in growth and profitability.  The quality service of TIENNE Consulting on a the smaller scale your business and budget needs!  Details below.


Weekly Consultive Meetings

These weekly meetings are crafted and personlized for you.  We will review your the demands of your business, challenges ahead, and new ideas that you need to sound off.  As our client lovingly described it: Therapy for your Business

Bullet Journal

Roadmap for your Business

Based on our experience in growth of companies and from the weekly meetings, TIENNE Consulting will provide the roadmap to successfully grow your business and set you up with the tools you need to implement! 

Business Meeting

Specialized Accountability 

Growing and scaling a business is hard! And full of activities that pull you in different directions that can roadblock you from reaching your business goals.  TIENNE Consulting is your specialized accountability partner that helps keep you on track to acheiving those dreams!

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